Nima Sarvestani awarded the 2016 Marek Nowicki price 

In 2016 the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights awarded the Marek Nowicki Prize to Nima Sarvestani.

There is no other documentary filmmaker whose films manage to make it into WATCH DOCS program on such a regular basis. Since 2010, every film Sarvestani has made has appeared at WATCH DOCS in December. The films by the Marek Nowicki Prize winner appear as if they were made specifically with this festival in mind.

His just completed trilogy devoted to Afghan women—I Was Worth 50 Sheep, No Burqas Behind Bars, and his latest work, Prison Sisters—Sarvestani's films present a painfully honest picture of a society in which women are able to feel free only in prison. Sarvestani's great sense of the cultures he describes, his tenacity in pursuing often-concealed truths, and his enormous narrative talent bear fruit in his unique kind of documentary action films with stories that, while they really are stranger than fiction, are in fact painfully true.

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Golden Nymph Award for Those Who Said No

Nima Sarvestani received a Golden Nymph Award in the Current Affairs category at the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival for his film Those Who Said No.


Nima Sarvestani and Danny GLover

Nima Sarvestani and Danny GLover

Work in progress seminar at TEMPO festival

Filmmaker Nima Sarvestani who is currently editing the documentary 'Prison Sisters' will give a seminar on his work in progress. Together with Klara Grunning from SFI and Axel Arnö from SVT he will discuss the challenges of making a sequel and the relation between filmmaker and protagonists.

This seminar is part of a whole day of work in progress discussions at TEMPO documentary film festival in Stockholm on 9 March.

More info here

Najibeh, one of the main characters in our film 'Prison Sisters'

Najibeh, one of the main characters in our film 'Prison Sisters'

Those Who Said No in Paris

The FIFDHP, the International Human Rights Film Festival, has chosen Those Who Said No to be in the official selection of the festival in April.

See you in Paris!

Those Who Said No screening in the US

Those Who Said No will be screened in the official selection of the Iranian Film Festival NOOR (Light) in Los Angeles this year.

Those who said no in Warsaw

HUMANDOC is happening this coming weekend from 20 - 22 November in Warsaw. 
Those Who Said No will be screening on Saturday, 21st at 13:00. The film's protagonist, Iraj Mesdaghi, will be present for a Q&A.

austrian premiere of Those Who said no

Those Who Said No will have its Austrian premiere at the this human world film festival in Vienna in December. 

The film will be shown on December 6 at 18:00 at the Schikaneder cinema. After the screening there will be a discussion about the human rights situation in Iran with Stefan Schaden (political scientist), Hiwa Bahrami (Democratic Party Kurdistan-Iran), Amir Goodarzi (author, filmmaker) und Mahsa Abdolzadeh (political scientist).

Those who said no awarded

THOSE WHO SAID NO awarded by DOCSDF International Film Festival /Mexico as the BEST documentary.

Those who said no in mexico

Those Who Said No is showing at DOCSDF, the International Documentary Festival in Mexico City next week.
The festival with the motto 'In Docs we Trust' is showing the film in the official selection in the 'Breaking Docs' section.

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Those Who Said no on Swedish television

Those Who Said No will be shown for the first time on Swedish TV.

- SVT1 och SVT Play mån 12 okt 2015 kl 22.00
- SVT1 ons 14 okt kl 23.50
- SVT1 tors 15 okt kl 14.05

More info here:

Those who said no awarded by sole luna international film festival/best film

The prize of the International Jury for the Best Documentary has been awarded to Those who said no, by Nima Sarvestani, who had the courage of, after decades of silence, to deal with the theme of atrocities committed in Iran over the last 30 years. For the way in which the temperance and deep human kindness of the witnesses who gave evidence at the International Court of Justice are portrayed, and who are D fighting to let the truth be known. A difficult road to take, even today.

Addis Ababa film festival, June 12-16 2015

After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the new Iranian regime consolidated its power through the mass removal of opponents: in the 80s, a multitude of political prisoners were secretly tortured and killed. The perpetrators were never prosecuted, and today hold high-ranking government positions. More than a quarter of a century has passed, in October 2012, the Iran Tribunal met in The Hague to investigate the executions. This international people’s court has no executive power, but aims principally to identify and investigate what went on. For three days, survivors and members of victims’ families (including the filmmaker Nami Sarvestani) give their testimony. The Iran Tribunal was broadcast live. From Sweden, an activist named Iraj follows the tribunal – he is one of the survivors, scarred for life. Like Mehdi, who works behind the scenes at the tribunal, Iraj dreams of confronting the perpetrators with their crimes. He has dedicated his life entirely to the struggle for justice. Footage of Iraj and of Sarvestani looking for evidence in Iran is interspersed with poignant testimony from the courtroom. Survivors describe the horrors of their captivity in detail, but will justice ever prevail?

Addis Ababa Film Festival

Sheffield documentary festival June 5-10 2015

Those Who Said No
The Ayatolla’s fatwa was brutally clear: “The political prisoners, who stand by their beliefs are considered waging war against God and are Islam’s enemies. They should be executed immediately.” In the 1980s, the new Iranian regime consolidated its power by executing thousands of political prisoners – many in the single summer of 1988. Now, after 25 years of silence, and with the perpetrators still in power, the world is hearing for the first time the details of the atrocity. Whilst the torturers enjoy complete immunity, the Iran Tribunal in The Hague investigates the executions over three moving days, determined to out the truth. Director Nami Sarvestani, whose brother was one of those executed, brings his own documentary footage to the hearing. His film weaves between the courtroom and the survivors and victim’s families who have been working for a quarter century for their voices to be heard.

Sheffield documantary festival

Jacob burns film centre

Opening Night with Reception. Those Who Said No is the gripping story of the fallout from Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1988 fatwa ordering the execution of all political prisoners in Iran. Details of the ensuing “Bloody Decade” were revealed in 2013, when a group of courageous individuals came together at the Iran Tribunal in The Hague to tell their stories, shed light on these hidden crimes, and finally bring the perpetrators to justice. It’s all captured in this riveting documentary.

The evening will also include a teaser of the Greenhouse documentary project-in-development Blue ID presented by Turkish filmmakers Burcu Melekoglu and Vuslat Karan. Introduced by Greenhouse Director Sigal Yehuda, Greenhouse partner/mentor Bruni Burres, and Executive Director of the NFCT and leading Greenhouse partner Dorit Inbar. Reception to follow the screening.

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Those who said no in the Swedish parlament

“Those Who Said No”was screened in the Swedish parliament on Tuesday April 28.

A good opportunity for members of the parliament to find out about some of the crimes of the Islamic regime against the people of Iran. We hope it will affect the parliament’s decision-making in the future and perhaps will make politicians rethink the good relations the Swedish government has had with the Iranian regime over the last 35 years. 

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 11.54.18.png

Sussie och dockhuset

SVT 1 söndag 17 maj 2015: Fans: Sussie och dockhuset (Sussie and the Dollhouse)

Produktionsbolag: Nima Film
Producent Farima Karimi
Regissör, manusförfattare Maryam Ebrahimi

I en liten vindsvåning mitt i skogen någonstans i Dalarna, lever Sussie I sitt alldeles egna dockhus. Likt Alice i underlandet, som faller ner i ett kaninhål, försvinner Sussie in i en värld fylld av utomjordiska varelser och historier.



News regarding Those who said no

During the mounth of March, Those Who Said No will be screened at Tempo Film Festival, Stockholm,  Moviethatmather, Haag. And One World Film festival, Czech Republic.

- Stockholm Tempo Film Festival  4 march 2015, 17:00 at Victoria. 27 march 2015 15:50, at Victoria 4
- Movies that Matter Festival takes place from Friday 20 until Saturday 28 March in Deen Haag
- One World 3 march 2015, 16:00 Atlas Small Hall. 6 march 22:00 Evald. 10 march 16:15 Lucerna – Large Hall

Those who said no at docpoint

 Those Who Said No will be screened at Docpoint Film Festival in Finland, Helsinki.

Where and when?
Kinopalatsi Friday 30 January at 16.00 & Maxim2 Saturday 31 Januari at 13.00

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 11.59.54.png

Those who said no competing at watchdocs

Our latest documentary Those Who Said No travels to Warszawa this week to participate in the main competition at the WATCHDOCS Human rights Film Festival. You will have a unique chance to take part in Q&A with the films protagonist Iraj Mesdaghi. For more info check out their website here.

Antropos Cinema Sunday December 7 – 20:00
Q&A with film protagonist, Iraj Mesdaghi

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room Tuesday December 09 – 20:00
Q&A with film protagonist, Iraj Mesdaghi

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 12.02.08.png

International Emmy award for no burqas behind bars

Fantastic news!
No Burqas Behind Bars has just received the worlds biggest TV prize – the International Emmy Award for best Documentary.

We are so very proud and honoured by this recognition, and also by the recent sucess of the film around the world. The subject is dear to our hearts and it pleases us that so many people share this with us.

World premiere at idea 2014

Nima Sarvestani's latest film Those Who Said No will have world premiere at this years IDFA – and is selected for main competition.

Below are the screening dates - Nima Sarvestani will be present during the entire festival. Make sure to stop by if you are in Amsterdam.

23/11, 12:30 Tuschinski 2 – Movies That Matter event
25/11, 16:45 Tuschinski 1
27/11, 11:15 Eye Cinema 2
29/11, 20:45 Munt 10
30/11, 12:30 Munt 09

Short summary of the film: For the first time an International People’s Tribunal convenes in The Hague court of justice to investigate the mass executions of political prisoners in Iran during the 1980s. Iraj is one of the survivors who lead this fight for justice, together with other victims he testifies against a crime that has been kept secret from the world for over 25 years.

Winner of prix europa

A fantastic ending to the Prix Europa in Berlin – No Burqas Behind Bars was honoured with the Prix Europa Award for Best Documentaryat the annual ceremony held in Hause des Rundfunks. You can watch the it online via this link.

International Emmy awards

Fantastic news! No Burqas Behind Bars have been nominated for the International Emmy Awards 2014 - the TV industry's equivalent of the Oscars. Director Nima Sarvestani will guest the prestigious ceremony held in New York, November 24th, where the film will be competing for Best Documentary.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 12.09.25.png

Prix europa nomination

Great news! No Burqas Behind Bars has been nominated for Best TV Documentary Award at the prestigeous Prix Europe - One of the worlds biggest TV festivals.

We will be present during the festival which kicks of October 18th in Berlin. The winners will be presented friday the 24th. It will be one entire week filled with great TV and films - so make sure to be in Berlin!

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 12.10.45.png

If you are in Berlin next week...

... don't miss Berlin Favourites Film Festival. The festival program consist of a special selection of award winning films from all over the globe. No Burqas Behind Bars is one of them, screening wednesday September 4th. For more info check their website here.

Swedish television awards

No Burqas Behind Bars has been nominated for Best TV documentary at the annual Swedish Television awards ceremony Kristallen. The gala takes place this friday at 8 pm swedish time, and will be broadcasted live on TV4.

Director Nima Sarvestani and producer Maryam Ebrahimi will be attending the awards. You can follow everything live online via their webiste here.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 12.13.08.png

Festival Ânûû-rû Âboro

No Burqas Behind Bars has been selected to compete at the New Caledonian film festival Ânûû-rû Âboro. The english translation of the festival name is – "A Man's Shadow". They put a great effort on finding and screening films with unique languages and visual styles. The festival is a great forum to detect interesting new films.

The festival will be held in the beautiful location of New Caledonia, between October 17th - 25th. For more information about Ânûû-rû Âboro and the up-coming festival, check out their website here.

September screening

We are happy to announce that the "The Death Row" by Maryam Ebrahimi, has been chosen for official screening at the International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania.

The festival kicks off September 22nd. For more information about screening dates you can keep updated via the festival's website here.

Festival winner

Yesterday was the final day of the 17th edition of Brooklyn Film Festival. Unfortunately we could not attend the ceremony, however the outcome just reached us – No Burqas Behind Bars took home the prize for Best Feature Documentary.

We are moved by this award, and thrilled that the film has found new audience. Thank you BFF! You can read more about the festival and ceremony here.

East coast premiere

Great news – Brooklyn Film Festival has officially selected No Burqas Behind Bars for the 2014 edition line-up. The film is in Competition for Best Feature Documentary. The festival kicks of May 31st and ends June 8th. This is No Burqas Behind Bars second premiere in the states – and its first east coast. So make sure to catch it during the festival dates.

For more information, see the festival website.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 12.16.14.png

Competition In Florence

The 2014 Middle East Now Festival is kicking off tomorrow in Florence. We are happy to announce that No Burqas Behind Bars is in competition for the Best International Documentary Award. It will be a crowded event full of activities, so make sure to tune in if you are nearby.

The festival ends April 14, cklick here for the full programme and screening dates for No Burqas Behind Bars.

From Cretéil To Rome

This past week Nimafilm has had the honour of being presented with two international awards. No Burqas Behind Bars receaved the Cretéil Women's Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary.

The film was also awarded at RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival for Best International Documentary. You still have the chance to see it if you are in Rome this week.

Cretéil Women's Film Festival

No Burqas Behind Bars Competing For Best Feature Documentary

The prestigious international women's film festival in Cretéil - Festival International de Films de Femmes - has officially selected No Burqas Behind Bars for thir 34th edition of the festival. Nimafilm is happy to announce our nomination for Best Feature Documentary.

The first screening of No Burqas Behind Bars takes place on the opening day of the festival, this Saturday, March 15th. Our producer Farima Karimi will be attending the screening for personal Q&A with the audience. If you are nearby Cretéil or Paris, make sure to stop by.

You can find the entire festival program  here .

You can find the entire festival program here.

APSA celebration

Special Screening Of No Burqas Behind Bars In Washington DC

The Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA) together with the Embassy of Australia are going to arrange an event, celebrating of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. Nimafilm is honoured as a special screening of No Burqas Behind Bars will be held due to the film being one of the recipients of the MPA APSA Academy Film Fund 2011.

Our producer Maryam Ebrahimi will be guesting the event and special screening, which will be held March 20th in Washington DC. You can read more about the MPAA and APSA collaboration in this Variety article.


No Burqas Behind Bars Nominated For The Guldbagge Award!

The Swedish Film Institute has just presented the nominies for this years Guldbagge Awards - Swedens annual film gala. We at Nimafilm are extra happy today as No burqas Behind Bars is nominated for best documentary. You can watch the Awards Ceremony live at SVT1 20.00 or online at SVTPlay.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 12.21.56.png


No Burqas Behind Bars Wins The 13th WATCHDOCS!

We are very proud to announce that Nima Sarvestani's film No Burqas Behind Bars took home the main award at the prestigeus WATCHDOCS International Film Festival. We thank the festival team, the judges and the audience for their great appreciation and commitment to our film.

The Judges Verdict: “A sincere and moving portrayal of a group of women that rebels against the inhuman rules which have imprisoned them. Using an accurate observational style, the film takes us into the inner and outer world of these women reveling them personal dramas and the paradox they face: finding safety in prison”.


Join Us In Amman At Karama Human Rights Film Festival

The 4th edition of Karama Human Rights Film Festival is starting soon and No Burqas Behind Bars is part of the festivals official selection this year. The word Karama means "dignity". We at Nimafilm are glad to screen our film at this important festival, which offers a great platform to discuss and spread knowledge about social issues.

Don't miss the screening of No Burqas Behind Bars if you are in Amman next week – Tuesday December 9th at 6pm in the main theatre. Our producer Farima Karimi will attend the festival and participate in Q&A afterwards. However, everybody can follow the festival live via Internet by streaming here.

You can also get live updates via Karama's Facebook page.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 12.25.23.png

Asian pacific apsa

Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Our producer Maryam Ebrahimi is heading off to Australia for this years Asia Pacific Screen Awards. The 7th annual Awards ceremony will be held in the City Hall of Brisbane – and No Burqas Behind Bars is in competition for Best Feature Documentary.

The festival gathers filmmakers from nearly 70 countries, in the worlds fastest growing film region, and is considerated to be the regions highest accolade in film.
For more updates from APSA you can visit their homepage here, or click into their Facebook here.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-21 kl. 12.26.37.png


Nimafilm Guesting WATCH-DOCS International Film Festival

The 13th edition of the International Film Festival WATCH-DOCS is soon kickin' off and we are happy to have No Burqas Behind Barsamong the films slected this year.

Don't miss the chance to see the film if you are in Warsaw between December 6th - 12th. There will be two screenings held, both following up with a Q&A where you will have the oppurtunity to meet and talk toth the director Nima Sarvestani.

Muranów Cinema, Zbyszek room 2013-12-06 20:30
Q&A with filmmaker

CSW Laboratory 2013-12-07 18:15
Q&A with filmmaker

Filmpris Piteå

Nimafilm Honoured With Swedens Biggest Documentary Film Prize

The Eric Forsgren Documentary Film Prize 2013 has been awarded to Nimafilm for the film No Burqas Behind Bars. The award ceremony was held in Piteå, north of Sweden, where Nima Sarvestani and Maryam Ebrahimi was handed the prize check for 100 000 swedish krona.

Ciné ONU

Crowded Screening of No Burqas Behind Bars At Ciné-ONU

Ciné-ONU is arranged on a monthly basis, each time chosing highly anticipated and award-winning films related to a specific UN issue. The initiative has developed to being rather successful in creating a platform for people to meet up and discuss Human Right Matters. It also gives the important chance to adress UN Officials on the spot.

This month we No Burqas Behind Bars was chosen, adressing Women's Right Matter. The screening was crowded drawing nearly 300 people. Unfortunately no one from Nimafilm could attend, but a panel discussion was held with Carlos Jimenez (UNRIC Desk Officer), Daniela Bankier and Dagmar Schumacher.

Ciné-ONU is organized by the United Nations Reginal Information Center in Brussels.

For more photos view Ciné-ONUs Flickr and Facebook page!

Asian Pacific Screen awards

November 24, 2011

I Was Worth 50 Sheep wins award for Best Documentary Feature Film at the 2011 Asian Pacific Screen Awards