Prison Sisters

Prison Sisters

The worst place in the world to be a woman.

This is the following up from one of our latest films "No Burqas Behind Bars"

Without doubt, the worst place in the world to be a woman is Afghanistan.

When Sara was released from the prison, she was totally alone. The prison’s guard became forced to leave her to her uncle who lived in a small village, where Sara was not welcome anymore. His uncle family locked Sara inside a room and planed to kill her to save their honor. But she was rescued later and left in a safe house for women. A year later, Sara was invited to Sweden to participate for the premiere of “ No Burqas Behind bars”. This event changed her life for ever.

Najibeh Was moved from Takhar to Kabul’s prison and continued her punishment for fleeing from her husband. A year later, she was also free from prison and like Sara, she was left to a safe house in Kabul. There, she disappeared untraceable until the Media in Afghanistan spread the news that she was executed by her husband in her village in front of the eyes of dozens men.

This film is about two main characters in the documentary "No burqas Behind Bars" , Najibeh and Sara, after being released from the women's prison in northern Afghanistan.

Director: Nima Sarvestani
Producer: Maryam Ebrahimi
Director of photography: Vahid Zarezadeh
Assistant producer: Leo Gilliland
Editor: Jesper Osmund, Phil Jandaly