Sussie And The Dollhouse

Sussie And The Dollhouse

Sussie was just 12 years old when she explored that Sweden was not the right place for her to be born. With her unknown passion to Japan as country so far from her little village in Dalarna, she became the fans of different characters in Japanese Manga series. It was impossible to move from her little village to Japan but not impossible to move Japan to her little Village.

As child involved with family troubles, Sussie had no choice just flee to the fantasy world of mangas to survive her loneliness and depression. Sussie created a world of super heroes who protected her from daily life troubles. Little by little, all these virtual characters stepped to her physical life and decorated Sussies room as doll. In her little attic, middle of the forest, Sussie lives in her dollhouse.

Like Alice in Wonderland who falls down in a rabbit hole, Sussie move herself in her little room, which is accumulated by extraterrestrial creatures.  

This film is a journey to the life of a twenty years old girl who encourages expressing herself by unfamiliar appearance and unbelievable fantasies. With strong colored hair and cosplay style, she experiences the life of her created characters in usual life. 

The Harajuku Fashion walk inspired by Japanese street fashion is going to happen for the first time in Gothenberg.  Sussie and her friend Frida are going to join that.

Director: Maryam Ebrahimi
Producer: Nima Sarvestani
Photo: Farzad Jouzdani